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TravCom Accounting

Financial Management Software for Business Travel Agencies

A fully integrated accounting system, designed to support the needs of complex business processes, making TMC’s more efficient, more in control and giving live visibility and insight into financial information.

Deep functionality and simple usability

TravCom functionality is not only feature rich allowing you to automate and streamline processes, but more importantly, it’s easy to use and configurable to the way your business works.

Innovative add-on apps

TravCom’s innovative add-on apps increases productivity by streamlining everyday tasks with automation, saving human resource time and a cost reduction in finance.

Multi-dimensional reporting

A highly configurable setup option for client, supplier and general ledger accounts, which enables TMC’s to get the data and insight needed to granular level.

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Multi content integration

As the travel industry grows increasingly more connected, the ability to interface data from content providers is vital for TMC’s. The key to this growing connectivity is to ensure technology providers deliver the integration that allows TMC’s to increase productivity.   

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Client accounting

A fully integrated accounting system incorporating Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers with the ability to process multi-currency and multi-company transactions.

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Supplier Accounting

Fully integrated with client sales with real-time posting of BSP tickets, rail tickets and individual invoices to supplier accounts

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Customer and Supplier reconciliations form a big part of daily tasks in finance and with high-volume, complex and unaligned data you can use TravCom’s reconciliation function to customise data elements against posted records.

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Data export

Data plays an important role in business and the demand for it has never been higher, especially if you are part of a global agency network where data consolidation is a key requirement.

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Agent Productivity

Gain access to real-time productivity data and get greater transparency on agent productivity for internal and independent agents. Fully scalable to structure the accounting and reporting the way you want it to work, regardless of the size or complexity.

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Credit card processing

As travel volumes are steadily increasing, corporate clients are looking to streamline their processes with a central payment solution and improve their internal workflows.

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Get deeper insights from travel and financial data using powerful reporting tools like SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft’s Power BI or even connect Microsoft Excel to TravCom’s data source.

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Credit card reconciliation

The option to pay for BSP tickets using agent-owned credit cards has been possible for a number of years and TMC’s want to take advantage of this, especially now that BSP settlement terms are on a weekly basis.

Advantages of an Integrated System

As an integrated accounting system, it means all the accounting functions are integrated into one system, you do not need to export or hand-off data to another system if you have a mid-office system. There is also no need to reconcile sub ledgers as TravCom updates every transaction automatically in real-time.

As a result, TMC’s receives accurate financial information much more quickly, helping management make sound business decisions based on real-time data.

Integrated accounting provides real-time Information.

Integrated accounting eliminates data transmission from mid-office or order processing systems.

Integrated accounting results in accurate credit control in real-time.

Integrated accounting provides balance sheet and Profit/loss information in real-time.

Building blocks
TravCom building blocks

Click on each block for further information.

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Fee Management
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Data Validation
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Automated Invoicing
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Consolidated Invoicing
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Supplier Reconciliation
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