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Automated Consolidated Invoicing

Simplify the process of creating consolidated invoices

Automate this time intensive admin task by creating and emailing consolidated invoices automatically.


Manage individual client requirements with fully customisable 

consolidated invoice templates


Consolidation of invoices through an interactive user interface.


Improve your workforce productivity by spending less time on mundane manual invoicing


Automated emailing of consolidated invoices using TravCom scheduling capabilities.

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Tracking identifiers are assigned to all consolidated invoice items, allowing you to easily view historical invoices raised.


Ability to exclude invoices within period from consolidation.

Automate in 3 easy steps

Keeping your customers happy and stress-free starts with making things simple and streamlined. Our Consolidated Invoicing Solution provides the ability to generate a single consolidated invoice that encapsulates information from multiple invoices for a specific time period. The customer receives one invoice instead of multiple invoices within a specified time period. They will also receive a remittance spreadsheet detailing the invoices that make up the consolidated invoice.

Step 1 - Create Consolidated Invoice

Using our module, easily create consolidated invoices that post to the client’s ledger.

Step 2 - Generate Data

Define your preferred consolidated invoice report format. You are able to specify different formats for different clients. For example, Client A requires 'purchase order' numbers to be shown on the invoice remittance, whereas Client B does not. In this case we can create 2 report formats so each client only see's the data they have requested. 

Consol Invoice Example.png
Step 3 - Automatically Email Consolidated Invoices

The final step is to automatically email a copy of the report to your client. We can schedule the report to email weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or by a custom defined range agreed with your clients, i.e. every 10 days. Once the scheduling period is fixed all that is left to do is choose which format your client would like to receive the report(s) in.

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Fully customisable templates to build your brand the way you want it.

Save time by automating tedious recurring invoicing tasks.

Offer consolidated invoice options to more clients.

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