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Automated Invoicing

Smart solutions to manage client invoicing 

Prompt invoicing is a key to ensure your clients pay on time. With our easy-to-use invoicing software you can automate your entire invoicing process.


Manage individual client requirements with fully customisable invoice templates


Automatically send invoice emails to multiple sources, i.e. the travel booker and/or the traveller


Send invoices in real-time. There are also options for daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or custom schedules


Burst invoice emails to various group levels; i.e. internal agents for invoice review

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Choose the best-fit invoicing format for your client, i.e. 1 PDF per email, multiple PDFs zipped in a single email.. and more


Select the invoice output format that best suits your clients needs; PDF, Excel, CSV or Doc.

Solutions to automate 

Ensure your clients receive their invoices on time and in the format they want it.

By automating your invoicing process you can shift the resource capacity within your finance team to other important finance related tasks.

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Your auto-invoicing options

Control exactly how invoices look, & when clients should receive them.

Choose Schedule Type

Real time invoicing - As consumers we are used to receiving an email confirmation shortly after making a purchase. Real-time invoicing allows you to provide the same user experience to your clients. As soon as an invoice is committed to the ledgers, we send an invoice email directly to the client.

Daily - Invoices are sent daily for the previous days invoices. All you need to do is decide what time the schedule should run. 

Weekly - The previous weeks invoices can be sent any day/time from Monday to Sunday.

Bi-Weekly - The ability to provide twice monthly invoice runs to your clients, i.e. invoices posted 1st - 15th are sent on the 16th of the month & 16th - End of Month are sent on the 1st of the following month.

Monthly - For those clients who require a backup invoice list to accompany their monthly statement.

Custom requirement - You may have a client who has a specific requirement, i.e. invoice copies every 10 days. Please do not hesitate to speak to our support team as in most cases we are able to programme custom schedules to meet your clients needs.

Additional parameter choices

Single PDF  invoice per email

1 PDF with all invoice data

1 email with separate PDFs zipped

Send a copy invoice to the traveller / booker

Format choice, i.e. PDF or Excel

Traditional invoice format / consolidated format

Multi-currency invoice options

Invoice Examples

Fully customisable templates to build your brand the way you want it.

Save time by automating tedious recurring invoicing tasks.

Increase customer satisfaction by sending Invoices in real-time

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