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Automated Data Validation

Ensure your data is complete, consistent, accurate & valid

You can build custom data checks to ensure the data is clean, relevant and meets your clients specific internal protocols.


Create an unlimited number of data check rules. see variable list below


Analytics to better understand which data errors occur frequently and by which agent

Be specific -> define data checks by product type and/or vendor


Customised user setup to ensure admin staff only manage client bookings they are responsible for


Numerous validation scopes, i.e. define exact data checks, variable data checks or even match back-office data


Easy deployment - our support team can have you setup within the hour!

Validation rules that ensure data integrity

Whether you want to avoid invoice duplication, create simple data checks, or a solution to implement complex global data quality, Data Validator is here to help. We take your raw customer data & highlight data inaccuracies so the team can correct, ensuring clean customer reporting & invoicing.

Customisable Data check controls

Control exactly how your data should be captured.

Data Fields

Airline Code

Arrival City Code

Chain Code

City Code

Passenger Name

Published Fare

Purchase Order

Record Locator

Validation Formats

Match TravCom Data - Ensure that invoice data captured matches system data, i.e. Client Department, Validating Carrier, Arrival/Departure City Code, Exception Code, to name a few.

Specific Format - Define a specific format, i.e. AA-999-A-9. This can be very useful if you know that a client will be providing a reference in a consistent manner

Commission Amount


Reference Fare

Return Date

Field Must Have - This allows users to validate a field and specify that it must have a particular character(s), i.e. you may capture booker email addresses, therefore you can setup a validation rule to ensure that '@' and '.' is captured.

Departure City Code

Routing Code

Exact Match - This allows you to pre-define what a fields value should be, or more importantly, a range of values that the field should contain, i.e. you may want to pre-define a set of purchase order numbers for a client. All invoices in the TravCom interface will then be cross-referenced to ensure that it has a matching PO number from the pre-defined list.

Exception Code

Selling Fare

Free Field (any)


Group Code

GSA Number

Item Type

Low Fare


Ticket Number

Tour Code

Transaction Code

Travel Date

Validating Carrier

and more...

Match Character Rules - Define whether a field should have alpha, numeric, alpha & numeric or any character type. Also set field length or value limits

By Product Code - Validate specific fields by Product Code, i.e. ensure that all hotel bookings have a City Code captured.

By Vendor - Ensuring specific vendor references are captured, should these be need to assist the accounts team with supplier statement reconciliation.

Match reasonable values - This option is available for any date fields. It will ensure the date format is a recognised format. We also check that the travel date is less than return date and that the dates are within the last 6 months or in the next 12 months. 

Other Features
System-wide Data controls

Activate default validation checks against all interface invoice data.

Check Credit Card numbers are valid

Check for duplicate ticket numbers - data check can be product code specific

Ensure clients do not exceed their set credit limit

Merge invoices with matching PNR locators

Ensure correct bank account is captured by mapping card type to specific bank accounts

Check that the Selling Fare is not less than the Published Fare

Ensure the invoice balance = 0 for credit card clients

Check clients lodge card details are correct

and many more...

Reporting that highlights the whowhat so that you can manage the why

Information on which data fields frequently error, along with details of agent specific errors providing your operations team with clear insights on where improvements can be made.

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Data error reporting

  • Most frequent data errors (daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly)

  • Review of data errors by booking agent

  • List of client specific data errors

  • Review of data errors by booking platform

  • Monthly analysis to indicate whether operational improvements have been made

Validation Reporting.png

Maintain data integrity and have complete trust in your invoice data

Boost productivity by eliminating manual invoice data checking

Improve customer satisfaction through consistent and correct invoicing & reporting

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