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The premier back office accounting and management system for corporate travel agencies

TravCom CS is our flagship back-office accounting system. We deliver an integrated solution designed from the ground up with business travel in mind. TravCom CS is a complete back office and financial solution.





An Overview of TravCom CS

Allows you to scale up or down with TravCom Additions. Grows with your company etc.

Our product provides a rich set of flexible features managing your accounting, invoicing and reporting requirements. We provide a totally integrated solution handling all your financial data within a single application; we instantly capture (real-time) data from reservations, global distribution systems, rail systems and other 3rd party interfaces.

The Ease and Support You Want

TravCom knows that even if a system has the functions you need, it will do no good if those functions are too hard to use. For that reason, one of our top goals is to make TravCom CS easy for you to use.

TravCom CS enhances the ease of previous versions by introducing new, smarter forms, or Wizards, that step you through posting data and other functions, and keeps a rigorous audit trail behind the scenes. Modifying sales, correcting mistakes, refunding or voiding tickets - these and other real life situations are now a breeze, and the added simplicity comes at no cost to the detail in your audit trail.

TravCom delivers the functionality you require whilst eliminating the complexities involved in managing your accounting, invoicing and reporting requirements. One of our core principles when developing the system was 'ease of use'; we wanted to create an effective but user-friendly solution. Functions such as smart wizards and easily accessible audit trails allow users to modify sales, correct mistakes, void tickets and perform various other day-to-day operations with.

Here are some of the things TravCom CS guarantees you:

  • Seamless integration and reconciliation of accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger

  • The ability to process inter-booking transfers, create supplier payment advice and generate interactive accounts reports

  • Real time reports

  • A multi-company environment allowing each branch office in a travel agency to operate independently under the tax and currency rules in its own country.


Key Product Features


Sales Ledger

Purchase Ledger


Invoice Processing

Automated PNR processing

Sending invoice & statements directly from the system

Manual data correction

Internal task management module

System Maintenance

Product Connectivity

Multi GDS connectivity

Rail connectivity for Evolvi & Trainline

AMEX, Airplus & Diners credit card processing hand-offs

Visa & MasterCard enhanced data hand-offs

Support for both PRISM data exports

Ability to interface from a variety of additional 3rd party booking platforms

Adflex hand-off for automated credit card processing



Grow with TravCom ADDitions

Choose the building blocks to build the right solution for your company.

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Client Majic Mid-office

ClientMajic gives your agents the tools they need to manage their relationships with your clients. Your agents will have access to data captured by TravCom without access to accounting data.

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Fee Manager

Fee Manager electronically stores predetermined (customisable) service fee rules and then automatically applies the appropriate rules to any particular booking. The result? Minimises your error rate to zero.

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Data Validator

The application validates each field by checking the input against a set of pre-defined rules. These rules are set by you, the user, and can range from validating vendor details, client, IATA number to information held in free-fields.

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Automated Invoicing & Statements

With Visual CUT automation is no longer the missing part of the data puzzle. We provide a solution that helps provide relevant information for organisations and their clients in a faster, more efficient and accurate way.

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Automated Consolidated Invoicing

Our Consolidated Invoicing Solution provides the ability to generate a single consolidated invoice that encapsulates invoice data for a specific time period. The customer receives one invoice instead of multiple invoices per transaction in that period.

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CMI - Online Invoices & Statement

The power of Crystal MI allows the ability to gain strategic, operational, and tactical views of a business, as well as help agencies to win and maintain corporate accounts by providing them with relevant travel reports.

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